Edward DuCoin, operational consultant to the company added, "We have developed an infrastructure that will allow for significant growth both domestically and internationally over the next 12 months. Headquartered in Ottsville, Pa. Green Revolution, a leading producer of clean, energy-reducing products, has already experienced unprecedented domestic growth since its inception in 2007, including the formal introduction of over a dozen new distributors across much of the east coast in 2012. Furthermore, in territories not yet filled, prospective distributors will have the opportunity to obtain regional exclusivity. Established in 2007, Green Revolution's products helps reduce power factor and peak demand costs associated with electric charges. 103 brad@greenrevolutionems.Ottsville, PA (prHWY.655.com or call 800. March Electric Tricycle Suppliers 17, 2013 - Ottsville, PA - Green Revolution EMS Chief Executive Officer Brad Cohen has officially unveiled his company's campaign to expand its distributor recruitment efforts in 2013. "After last year's success, we're ready to build off of that momentum and raise our level of visibility to both established companies and aspiring entrepreneurs alike who are interested in soliciting green, energy-efficient products, as well as reducing their carbon footprint," said Cohen. With more than 10,000 unit sales to date, Green Revolution has reduced energy consumption for schools, industrial facilities, car dealerships, bowling centers, factories, restaurants, food markets and many other types of businesses. He noted that businesses already focused on soliciting environmentally products and services are ideal candidates to enroll as distributors, although it is not a mandate., Green Revolution EMS has assisted scores of businesses and residents decrease their energy bills with its PACS (Power Application Correction System) and Energy Crusher units, both guaranteed to save a minimum of 8 percent on electric costs." The company recently announced its first distributor partnership outside of the United States - in Canada.